Eurovision 2009

The Eurovision Song Contest is nearly upon us, so I have taken the bullet for you and watched videos of all of this year’s entries on the BBC Eurovision website. If you visit the site, do take a look at some of the breathtakingly sincere contestant biographies – for example this gem from Russia.

If you want detail and musical insight, I’m going to limit myself to a sentence or two for each. I’ll also try to avoid commenting on the videos as we’d be here all night (some of them deserve posts of their own), but it’s hard not to let my view of the songs be swayed by them.
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癮 Youtube:你知道嗎?

iphone 3G
仍然有 1300 個人和你一樣強。

印度 IQ 最高的前 25% 的人數,比全美國的總人口還高
2010 年需求量最大的前十個工作…
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